Traffic & Roads

The Kinley project is committed to upgrading the following intersections over the life of the project to address the impact of delivering approximately 3200 new homes on the former Lilydale Quarry site:

Based on specialist traffic engineering advice, the road upgrades will vary from basic changes like lane marking, through to construction of major new intersections and additions of new lanes to existing roads and intersections.

Train Station

The Planning Scheme Amendment includes detailed consideration of the delivery of a new train station between Mooroolbark and Lilydale as proposed in the Kinley Masterplan. 

Approval for the inclusion of a station will be at the discretion of State Government authorities as part of their submissions to the Planning Scheme Amendment. Delivery will be subject to further approvals and funding commitments.

Active Transport

Kinley has been designed with walking and cycling as major priorities. In addition to safe walking trails, safe cycling paths will connect the site from top to bottom and east to west. Provisions for direct links from Kinley to Lillydale Lake are also being negotiated with the adjoining Box Hill Institute.

The centrepiece will include a 10m-wide Rail Trail, running along the full length of the existing rail corridor, which will connect Kinley directly to Lilydale Main Street and the Warburton Trail.

Lilydale Bypass

The delivery of the Lilydale Bypass remains the responsibility of the Department of Transport and the State Government. The Kinley project has made allowances to facilitate the future delivery of the Bypass should these authorities elect to proceed with this road upgrade.